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Leffe is the original Abbey beer worth slowing down for and savouring, just as the monks did when they first crafted it in 1240. To kick back against a hectic, always-on-the-go world we celebrated slowness by championing artists and artisans whose work demands slowing right down. Directed and produced by award-winning filmmaker Gary Tarn, Slow Time documented the work of Willard Wigan, a sculptor who has to slow his breathing to prevent inhaling his microscopic artworks; Susan Derges, who takes hours to develop her photographs in streams under moonlight; astro-photographer Pete Lawrence, who exposes his images over months to capture scenes light years away; animators the Brothers Quay, who painstakingly produce films at 25 frames a second using traditional stop-motion techniques; and Adrienne Treeby, a charcuterist whose flavouring process takes years. Slow Time was selected for various national and international film festivals and played out across PR, digital and advertising.

DCM Awards Winner: Best Newcomer to Cinema Advertising

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