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Pandemic, Purpose and Plastics


Morrisons is one of the biggest supermarkets in the UK. During the pandemic we worked relentlessly to develop and deliver a PR strategy that helped the company navigate the crisis and use its unique food-making and shop-keeping capabilities for good. We introduced new products such as online Food Boxes for every occasion and services such as Doorstep Deliveries by community champions, who checked-in and chatted to the most isolated, to support customers and the most vulnerable in society. We also helped our customers help the planet by becoming the first supermarket to completely remove plastic bags and commit to net-zero farming by 2030 (five years ahead of the competition). The PR campaign not only delivered on brand metrics and the business bottom line, but set the operational standard for the entire market.

PR Week Winner: Planning, Strategy and Evaluation
PRCA Winner: Consumer PR High Budget Award
PRCA Winner: Campaign of the Year Award

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